The First Commandment: A Thriller The Scot Harvath Series Book 6

Atria Books #ad - A sadistic assassin with a personal vendetta is wreaking havoc of biblical proportions. Unleashing nightmarish horrors on those closest to Harvath, the attacker thrusts everything Harvath holds dear -- including his life -- into absolute peril. A vendetta years in the making. When he discovers a connection between the attacks and a group of prisoners secretly released from Guantanamo, Harvath must ask himself previously unthinkable questions about the organizations and the nation he has spent his life serving.

Brad thor roars through this nonstop adventure full of international intrigue, twisted betrayals, and ultimate revenge. Ordered by the president to stay out of the investigation, Harvath is forced to mount his own operation to uncover the conspiracy and to exact revenge. Thou shalt not negotiate with terrorists.

The First Commandment: A Thriller The Scot Harvath Series Book 6 #ad - . Six months ago: in the dead of the night, held at gunpoint, five of the most dangerous detainees in the war on terror are pulled from their isolation cells in Guantanamo Bay, and told to strip off their orange jumpsuits. A renegade from his own government, harvath will place his life on the line as his search for the truth draws him into a showdown with one of the most dangerous men on the face of the earth.

Issued civilian clothes and driven to the base airfield, they are loaded aboard a Boeing 727 and set free.


The Last Patriot: A Thriller The Scot Harvath Series Book 7

Atria Books #ad - Present day: when a car bomb explodes outside a Parisian café, Scot Harvath is thrust back into the life he has tried so desperately to leave behind. Saving the intended victim of the attack, Harvath becomes party to a perilous race to uncover a secret so powerful that militant Islam could be defeated once and for all.

Brad thor, master of suspense and #1 new york times bestselling author is back with his highest-voltage thriller to date in which Navy SEAL turned covert Homeland Security operative Scot Harvath must race to locate an ancient secret that has the power to stop militant Islam dead in its tracks. June 632 A.

The Last Patriot: A Thriller The Scot Harvath Series Book 7 #ad - D. Deep within the uranah valley of Mount Arafat in Mecca, the Prophet Mohammed shares with his closest companions a final and startling revelation. September 1789: U. S. What jason bourne was to the Cold War, Scot Harvath is to the War on Terror. But as desperate as the american government is to have the information brought to light, there are powerful forces determined that Mohammed’s mysterious final revelation continue to remain hidden forever.

Within days, he is assassinated. In the last patriot, readers will be engrossed as Harvath once again takes them on a whirlwind tour through international cities and nail-biting suspense where the stakes are higher than they have ever been before.


Takedown: A Thriller The Scot Harvath Series Book 5

Atria Books #ad - Fighting his way through the burning streets of Manhattan, he must mount his own operation to locate a man the United States government refuses to admit even exists. In a perfectly executed attack, all of the bridges and tunnels leading into and out of Manhattan are destroyed just as thousands of commuters begin their holiday exodus.

Takedown: A Thriller The Scot Harvath Series Book 5 #ad - With domestic efforts focused on search and rescue, a deadly team of highly trained foreign soldiers methodically makes its way through the city with the singular objective of locating one of their own -- a man so powerful that America will do anything to keep him hidden. Scot harvath is now the country's only hope.

After years without a terrorist attack on American soil, one group has picked the 4th of July weekend to pull out all the stops.


The Apostle: A Thriller The Scot Harvath Series Book 8

Atria Books #ad - But when american doctor julia Gallo is kidnapped in Afghanistan, the terms of her ransom leave the president with only one course of action. Every politician has a secret. A new administration and a new approach to dealing with America’s enemies have left covert counterterrorism operative Scot Harvath without a job.

But when covert counterterrorism operative scot harvath is assigned to infiltrate one of the world’s most notorious prisons and free the man the kidnappers demand as ransom, he quickly learns that there is much more to the operation than anyone dares to admit. And when the daughter of a politically connected family is kidnapped abroad, America’s new president will agree to anything—even a deadly and ill-advised rescue plan—in order to keep his secret hidden.

The Apostle: A Thriller The Scot Harvath Series Book 8 #ad - . As the subterfuge is laid bare, harvath must examine his own career of ruthlessly hunting down and killing terrorists and decide if he has what it takes to help one of the world’s worst go free.


Blowback: A Thriller The Scot Harvath Series Book 4

Atria Books #ad - But when the tide in the war on terror suddenly turns against the U. S. The president has no choice but to secretly bring Harvath back inside. Caught live on al jazeera in an off-the-books operation, Scot Harvath's career has been terminated and he is forced to go to ground as the president bows to pressure from a ruthless senator with her sights set on the White House.

From cyprus, london, to italy, and saudi arabia, Switzerland, and Paris, Harvath must race against the clock to stop one of the greatest evils ever to face the United States. Scot harvath is the perfect all-American hero for the post-September 11th world. Nelson demille when a mystery thousands of years in the making threatens to catapult the enemies of America to a sure and decisive victory, the only person the president can call for help is the man the administration has just fired.

Blowback: A Thriller The Scot Harvath Series Book 4 #ad - . Now, after three summers of record-setting heat across present-day Europe, one steadily melting Alpine glacier has given up an ancient secret--one with the potential to thrust civilization back into the Dark Ages. With his characteristic high-voltage action, sweeping international locales, and meticulous research, Brad Thor has created another supercharged novel that is sure to thrill.

A weapon designed to decimate the Roman Empire has just become the number one threat to the United States. Ducking a congressional subpoena, harvath travels to the Mediterranean, where he learns of a shadowy organization that has been combing the earth for decades in search of the ultimate weapon to use against the United States and her allies.

From the national bestselling author of the lions of Lucerne, Path of the Assassin, and State of the Union comes the most gripping international thriller yet featuring Navy SEAL turned covert counterterrorism agent Scot Harvath.


Foreign Influence: A Thriller The Scot Harvath Series Book 9

Atria Books #ad - Named one of suspense magazine’s best political thrillers of the YearNavy SEAL turned covert operative Scot Harvath is called to action in Brad Thor’s red-hot thriller—a “must read for our times” James Rollins. Harvath must link together the disparate violence and race to prevent one of the most audacious and unthinkable acts of war in the history of mankind.

Buried within the black ops budgets of the Department of Defense, a newly created spy agency reports only to a secret panel of military insiders. But what if it is the wrong man? in chicago, a young woman is struck by a taxi in a hit-and-run, and the family’s attorney uncovers a shocking connection to the Rome bombing.

Foreign Influence: A Thriller The Scot Harvath Series Book 9 #ad - Its job is to target america’s enemies—both foreign and domestic—under a charter of three simple words: Find, Fix, and Finish. When a bombing in rome kills a group of American college students, the evidence points to a dangerous colleague from Harvath’s past. Tasked with leveraging this relationship to lure the man out of hiding, Harvath must destroy him.


Full Black: A Thriller The Scot Harvath Series Book 10

Atria Books #ad - 1 new york times bestselling author brad Thor brings readers his darkest and most intriguing thriller yet—a terrifying story of espionage and betrayal—brilliantly paced with superb nonstop action. Born in the shadows and kept from heads of state, there are some missions so deadly, so sensitive, that they simply don’t exist.

When one such mission goes horribly wrong, a wave of dramatic terrorist attacks is set in motion. While working on a secret documentary project, movie producer Larry Salomon has unknowingly exposed one of the world’s wealthiest and most politically connected powerbrokers—a man with a radical anti-American agenda poised to plunge the nation into deadly, irreversible chaos.

Full Black: A Thriller The Scot Harvath Series Book 10 #ad - As the plots rocket to their pulse-pounding conclusion and the identities of the perpetrators are laid stunningly bare, Harvath will be left with only one means to save America. Simultaneously, a foreign wet work team has been sent to California. Unable to trust anyone, he will be forced to go Full Black.

Intense and frighteningly realistic, FULL BLACK is, hands down, Brad Thor’s most riveting thriller to date. Their target: one of Hollywood’s most famous filmmakers. Their goal: the complete and total collapse of the United States. With the cia’s intelligence abilities hobbled, former navy SEAL Team 6 member turned covert counterterrorism operative Scot Harvath launches an audacious plan to infiltrate the terrorists’ network and prevent one of the biggest threats the United States has ever faced.


State of the Union: A Thriller The Scot Harvath Series Book 3

Atria Books #ad - As high-voltage and timely as they come, state of the Union is a frighteningly real, headline-ripping tale of espionage and intrigue that will keep readers guessing until the last tantalizing piece of the puzzle locks into place. Assigned to a covert section of the department of homeland security and charged with defending the nation against all foreign aggressors by any means necessary, fiendishly timed conspiracy that has already shattered the fragile peace between the world's nations and which, if successful, Harvath finds himself hand-picked by the president to unravel a brilliantly orchestrated, will leave the United States in smoldering ruins.

For over two decades, the russians have been funneling international aid money into a top secret air defense system, which has just been brought on-line and which will render any conventional attack upon their country utterly ineffective. After exhausting all of his other options, the president turns to the nation's final hope, and with Soviet sleeper agents preparing to detonate their deadly payloads across the United States, ex-Navy SEAL and Secret Service Agent Scot Harvath.

With exotic international locales, hair-raising suspense, and scenes of pulse-pounding action, Brad Thor has once again reaffirmed his position as the thriller writer readers and critics alike have hailed as Clancy, Cussler, and Ludlum all rolled into one. With the stunning discovery that enhanced soviet-made suitcase nukes have been secreted in America's major cities, President Jack Rutledge gathers his National Security Council to weigh the feasibility of a first strike against the Russian Federation.

State of the Union: A Thriller The Scot Harvath Series Book 3 #ad - From the national bestselling author of the lions of lucerne and Path of the Assassin comes another electrifying international thriller featuring all-American hero Scot Harvath, as he plunges into the frigid heart of the Russian tundra to save the fragile state of the union. On a cold january morning, one long believed dead and buried, the United States awakes to discover that an old enemy, has crawled out of its grave to lay siege to the world's only superpower.


The Athena Project: A Thriller The Scot Harvath Series Book 10

Atria Books #ad - . From behind the rows of razor wire, a new breed of counterterrorism operator has emerged. Just as skilled, and just as deadly as their colleagues, just as fearsome, Delta Force’s newest members have only one thing setting them apart—their gender. Surrounded by monoliths covered with Runic symbols, one of America’s greatest fears appears to have come true.

The world’s most elite counterterrorism unit has just taken its game to an entirely new level. Government has hidden beneath Denver International Airport. As casey, ericsson, and cooper close in on their target, they will soon learn that another attack—one of unimaginable proportions—has already been set in motion, Rhodes, and the greatest threat they face may be the secrets kept by their own government.

The Athena Project: A Thriller The Scot Harvath Series Book 10 #ad - And not a moment too soon. Simultaneously in Colorado, a foreign spy is close to penetrating the mysterious secret the U. S. Intelligence officer has made a grisly discovery. Part of a top-secret, all-female program codenamed The Athena Project, four of Delta’s best and brightest women are about to undertake one of the nation’s deadliest assignments.

When a terrorist attack in rome kills more than twenty Americans, Megan Rhodes, Athena Team members Gretchen Casey, Julie Ericsson, and Alex Cooper are tasked with hunting down the Venetian arms dealer responsible for providing the explosives.


Black List: A Thriller The Scot Harvath Series Book 11

Atria/Emily Bestler Books #ad - Until you’re dead. A stunning thriller that predicted the National Security Agency scandal. Members of congress never get to see it—only the President and a secret team of advisers. Someone has just added counterterrorism operative Scot Harvath’s name. The only question is, will harvath get to that person before the united states suffers the most withering terrorist attack ever conceived? An intense, page-turning novel that is action-packed and frighteningly real, Black List blurs the line between fiction and reality and once again reaffirms why Brad Thor "is arguably the best thriller writer of our time" Suspense Magazine and "America’s favorite author" KTTX.

Black List: A Thriller The Scot Harvath Series Book 11 #ad - Once your name is on the list, it doesn’t come off. Brad thor is as current as tomorrow’s headlines. Dan brown#1 new york times bestselling author Brad Thor returns with his most explosive thriller ever. Somewhere deep inside the United States government is a closely guarded list. Somehow harvath must evade the teams dispatched to kill him long enough to untangle who has targeted him and why they want him out of the way.

Somewhere, someone, somehow can put all the pieces together.


Path of the Assassin: A Thriller The Scot Harvath Series Book 2

Atria Books #ad - And nelson demille, the master of the genre himself, welcomed Thor as "a savvy new novelist" with a knack for action scenes that "will give the reader a case of vertigo. Now, thor and his indomitable hero scot Harvath are back, raising the stakes and taking on one of the world's most deadly terrorist organizations bent on stoking a global holy war of apocalyptic proportions.

One problem remains -- they have no idea what the man looks like. Together, scot and Meg must untangle a maddening web of global intrigue stretching across four continents. As he prepares to close out his list, most ruthless terrorist, Hashim Nidal, a bloody and twisted trail of clues points toward one man -- the world's most feared, who has assembled an international league of Islamic terrorist networks in an ingenious plot to topple both Israel and America.

After rescuing the president from kidnappers, Navy SEAL turned Secret Service agent Scot Harvath shifts his attentions to rooting out and capturing or killing all those responsible for the plot. Only one person can positively identify Harvath's quarry -- Meg Cassidy, a beautiful hijacking survivor. A roller-coaster of a debut, " pronounced Kyle Mills.

Path of the Assassin: A Thriller The Scot Harvath Series Book 2 #ad - When brad thor arrived on the scene with his hard-hitting debut novel, The Lions of Lucerne, he was greeted with an enthusiasm rarely seen since John le Carré's heyday. From macau, jerusalem, capri, and rome, harvath and cassidy find themselves locked in a desperate race against time to sort the pieces of a deadly puzzle that will test not only their physical and mental limits, and Chicago to Libya, but also the growing bond they feel for each other.